Who are we?

Behind Yellow Souls Studio there are Elena and Lorenzo, an Italian couple with a passion for fashion but not only!

The idea started during the lockdown ‘What if we open something of our own?’, and then it really happened!!

Before choosing whether to work with us I think it is fair to introduce ourselves.


“ I’ve been creating outfits since I was playing with Barbies and spent hours deciding what they should wear, I used to sew with my grandmother the clothes for the Barbies because I always wanted something I couldn’t buy.

When I discovered in my aunts and my mom’s closet clothes from when they were young I became obsessed with vintage and started collecting when I was 13.

Growing up I realised that fashion for me was a way of expression, it was the way I could say who I was and it was very liberating.

What did I love most as a teenager ? miniskirts, weird socks and Vivienne Westwood.

I took my first fashion course at the age of 18, and started working in the fashion industry as a photo model at 16, and I realised that this would be my path.

I moved to Milan to study at the fashion university Istituto Marangoni Milano Fashion Design and I graduated in Fashion Design, but my studies continued boasting three diplomas in image consultancy and personal styling one diploma in fashion styling, specialisation in sustainability and several certifications.

I worked in the fashion industry for years before making the risky decision to work for myself.

And I’m glad I did.

My greatest loves: Lorenzo, our dogs and doing sport.

What to expect from me: An unusual approach, endless energy and fun”


Lorenzo Jump

“Music and fashion are the ways in which I have always expressed what I felt much more than words.

When I was in high school I liked to dress without following any fashion and at that time digging in my grandfather’s closet I started to cultivate an interest in vintage fashion.

My style is a mix between vintage and modern, I’m very curious to meet new designers and be inspired by what’s coming in the future of fashion.

Edinburgh wasn’t in my plans, I found myself here to follow the love but I really like this place and living and working in the Leith area really makes you feel part of a beautiful community.

I work in fashion and banking, and it is useful to have skills of both!

What a question of course I did the color analysis and I’m a spring!

My greatest loves: Cycling, our dogs, Elena and traveling

What to expect from me: Total organization, an eye for detail, an incredible memory”

Kombucha & Chai (Latte)

“We have been working in fashion since we were adopted by our parents.

From kennels to working as shop assistants and models has been great.

Our job at the shop is to welcome you, cuddle you and take photos with you.

Kombucha is the big sister and Chai the little trouble-maker of the house.

You can find us at the shop twice a week maximum but we love working there.

Our greatest love: Our parents, snacks, the park

What to expect from us: some barking, lots of cuddles and some troubles”