In your personal style growth journey, knowing what body shape your body belongs to is vital.

How often do we wear clothes that don’t fit us and end up not using them anymore?

How many times do we see clothes that look great on the mannequin but don’t work on us?

How many times have we not figured out how to enhance our shapes?

For all this and more knowing your body shape will change your life and the way you shop.

No more clothes bought and never used in the closet, you will have the power to understand how to enhance your body in the way YOU prefer ( remember that it will be different for each person).

And when you know your body shape you will be able to start playing with your looks, creating volume, decreasing volume, you will be able to give yourself a few inches more or less, you will create proportion and learn what you like to show off more and what you like less.

Can a small thing give such great power?

The answer is YES !

And it is not a small thing even though it may seem so.

Let’s start with the important fact that body shape has nothing to do with weight.
Each of us can have a certain shape regardless of weight, and sometimes we do not even belong to a specific category but belong to a mixture of different shapes.
And that is perfectly fine!
Moreover, we know that two people who are different in shape may possibly wear the same size of pants or have the same weight.

We have 5 body shapes (but you could eventually fit in more than one):

Pear/Triangle, Strawberry/Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, Apple/Diamond, Hourglass.

The session will last about 1 hour.

At the end of the session you will be sent tips and examples on how to enhance your body shape respectively to your personal case (what YOU want to enhance).

Please come with tight clothes (leggings, shorts, tops, tight shirts preferably plain and dark colors).

Once you book your session you will receive an email from me and we will choose together the day and time of our meeting.

Do you have any other questions ?

Write to me and I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible:

Price: £50

– You can have a partial refund (20% is the deposit and is NOT refundable) only if you cancel at least one week in advance, you can change the day up to 48 hours in advance if you need, you can change the date one time .