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Edinburgh Color Analysis

What is Color Analysis and why is it so important?

 – Matching the shades of clothes and makeup is certainly not easy: there are occasions when you really spend a lot of time in front of the mirror looking for the right color dress to go out of the house. The perfect match is the result of intuition and experience and is not always found at the first shot.

For the most indecisive, there is a valuable ally for finding your look more easily and quickly: Color Analysis

Color Analysis is a method used to choose the most suitable wardrobe and make-up palette based on personal color characteristics, such as eye color, hair color and especially skin tone.

The practical application of a color analysis allows one to choose the clothes and accessories that best match one’s appearance and to find the most suitable shades for makeup.

  • Color analysis will allow you to spend less by buying only what really flatters you, and you will no longer have clothes you don’t use in your closet.

That also makes it a sustainable choice, buy less but buy better.


Benefits? Endless :

  • Save money by not buying make up, products/clothing in colors that don’t suit you
  • Learn in which colors are worth investing and which enhance your skin and eyes, making them stand out.
  • Discover tricks for wearing colors that do not belong your color palette.
  • Buy less choose better 
  • Your eyes and skin will shine with the right colors !
  • Skin imperfections and unevenness are less noticeable and you can use lighter, more natural make-up
  • You will appear brighter and more energetic.
  • You will learn the meaning of each color and in which situations use it

Color analysis really changes lives and our approach to fashion and colors.

Where: 10 Croall Place EH7 5HG, Edinburgh

When: Book your appointment and we will decide together the day and time.

NB. Color Analysis must be taken in the morning (we need a good natural light)

Price: £100/£120

What does it include?

  • Up to 2h Consult
  • Personality test
  • A palette of your season ( very useful when shopping)
  • Explanation of meaning of colors and how to use them
  • A series of useful PDFs that will be sent after the session:
  • – How to care and wash garments
  • – Meaning of colors
  • -Additional colors in your palette
  • – List of sustainable brands and stores
  • – List of movies and books to watch related to sustainable fashion


Useful information:

– Hair must be tied back.

Must come without makeup or fake tan ( the result may be compromised!).

– It is preferable to wear clothing without a high neck.

– The date of the color analysis could be moved if the day is too dark ( you will not have to add anything just change the date).

You will be notified a couple of hours before the session in case it has to be cancelled.

– You can have a partial refund (20% is the deposit and is NOT refundable) only if you cancel at least one week in advance, you can change the day up to 48 hours in advance if you need, you can change the date one time .

PH: leadmetotravel

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