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Where: 10 Croall Place EH7 4LT

When: Sunday 29th October 18:00-20:00

Price: £20 pp ( 15 tickets available)

All Genders Welcome

The styling WORKSHOP you don’t expect

I was born with the gift of not giving a damn about what others thought of the way I dress, fashion is my art form, no one can take away my personal style whether they like it or not is a different matter, that is personal taste.

What am I trying to say?

This is not just a workshop telling you what looks best on you, what colours suit you best and how to find your personal style, this is a workshop of self-love, a workshop to say this is me and I like it, whether you like it is less important.

But I’ll tell you a secret: when you feel good about something, when you feel beautiful and confident, others will like you too, no matter what you are wearing, because you will shine in your own light.

Fashion must be positive, not something that makes you feel less beautiful, less up to standard and not good enough.

This is where I come in and help you discover what your personal, unique style is.

I have seen too many people feeling inadequate in front of images in advertisements, whipped for not finding something in the shops that would enhance them, excluded from the fashion game, mortified for feeling practically wrong.

I’m not here to tell you what is right and wrong, I’m here to help you enhance your strengths, your uniqueness and feel good in your body.

I already tell you what to NOT expect from me: canons of beauty to be adhered to.

We will not talk about flaws but about features, there will be no rules but advice on how to become better aware of ourselves and our bodies and our strengths – and what we consider to be our weaknesses – in order to accept them and even enhance them.

I will teach you the game of proportions, how to use cuts, details, prints, colours and fabrics to your advantage.

We will learn that when a trouser, a dress or anything else does not suit us, it is not a problem with our body: we are trying to force our shape into the wrong container, we simply have to find the right shape for us.

Imagine your body like the house you live in: sometimes we make it beautiful for guests, but in reality we take care of it mainly to enjoy it ourselves, in the same way, valuing our bodies consciously does because it allows us to express who we really are, free from having to adhere to a standard.

We will talk about the secret language of colours.

All it takes is a touch of the right colour that immediately a spark ignites the gaze, makes the smile shine, makes us shine from within.

Colours can improve our lives, shine on the most important occasions, communicate a message, cheer us up.

I will try to help you make the most of your wardrobe and no longer experience the annoying feeling <<closet full and nothing to wear>>.

Last but not least, we will talk about how fast fashion makes you lose your sense of identity and stunts the growth of personal style.

Always following trends leads to an inability to decide and understand what you like but only to follow what others do.

We will create a moodboard together and identify your personal style together.

This will be a very useful tool every time you go shopping !

Do you have any question styling related?

This is your time to get an answer !

In short, there will be so much to say, bring pen and paper!

Tickets aren’t refundable but you can pass it on to someone else.

And of course expect a wee gift and to have fun! 

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