Personal Shopping In person or Online




Personal Shopping In person or Online

Having a professional stylist with you while shopping is a fun and motivating experience. I know this because I can see the transformation of my clients when they book a consultation and shop with a strategic mindset. Not only will you find those key pieces that last multiple seasons, but you will also find clothes that work for you, flatter your body shape and give you confidence. 

Great style changes lives, what are you waiting for?

The in-store(or online stores) personal styling experience starts with a style consultation to identify your tastes, preferences, budget and lifestyle needs. 

During the initial consultation, your expert stylist will present you with a style questionnaire to evaluate the best plan to achieve your style goals.

After in-store styling, your personal stylist will give you an honest and expert opinion on the outfits best suited to your body shape. Your stylist will select the clothes in the shop before your arrival and set up a fitting room with complete outfits customised to your needs.  All you have to do is try on the clothes, have fun, enjoy that moment for yourself, and buy what you like!

There are many variables that influence shopping behaviour and impulse purchases. I keep meeting customers who take home the same clothes and wonder why they have ten black dresses, all of the same cut. Or why they have so much of one colour in their wardrobe. Habits like these are so easy to form, that it’s no wonder you struggle to find clothes that look good and work well with the rest of your wardrobe.

I will teach you the importance of a basic wardrobe and of buying quality over quantity and lead you to the right shops for your shape, style and budget. You will learn how to make targeted purchases!




  • Initial style consultation to set your goals.
  • Introductory questionnaire.
  • Body shape assessment and Personal Style assessment Included.
  • Your stylist will pre-select and arrange clothing options for you at various stores, ensuring everything is ready for you to try on upon your arrival.
  • Shopping with an Italian stylist for 3 hours (or agreed time).
  • The selection will consist of high- quality, durable items, deliberately avoiding fast fashion and poor-quality pieces.
  • Learn how to create impressive outfits & accessorise.
  • Guidance on colours, styles that flatter your body shape.
  • Post-session style tips and moodboard to inspire new looks.
  • Access to on-going style advise via a chat with you stylist for a month.
  • A list of ways to keep your clothes last longer and how to wash them in the best respect to the environment
  • List of Sustainable brands and shops
  • List of Documentaries and Books (about fast fashion, sustainability, ethical fashion etc..)


  MAIN: Edinburgh 

 *able to travel all around Scotland


The price starts at £270 (3 hours shopping), every each hour added is £70 per hour.

Book on the website and send an email at: to agree date and time

*Additional hours are paid after the personal shopping session

– You can have a partial refund (20% is the deposit and is NOT refundable) only if you cancel at least one week in advance, you can change the day up to 48 hours in advance if you need, you can change the date one time .



Discover a new way of shopping by supporting:

Small businesses, Vintage shops, Second-hand shops, Sustainable designers, Emerging designers.

You will support a circular economy, you will find your own unique and special style without being influenced by the new trends of the moment that change every fortnight, you will buy quality pieces that will stay with you for a lifetime, and you will create a relationship with what you buy.



About Elena:

Elena is an Italian Fashion Designer and Stylist with 11 year of experience in fashion.

Graduated in Fashion Design at Marangoni Institute – Milan,Italy

Vintage Collector since she was 13 yo.

She has worked with several fashion brands.

Opened Yellow Souls in November 2021 in Edinburgh.

Specialising in ethical and sustainable fashion, bridal styling and man styling.

Her approach to work is friendly, funny and kind.

Want to know more?

Ask all the questions you need!

PH: leadmetotravel