Personal style assessment takes  about 2h, please come 5 minutes earlier.

Do you ever feel like there is something that doesn’t sit right with you when it comes to your style? 

Maybe shopping seems overwhelming to you, or maybe you are always shopping and feel like you have nothing to wear. 

You may feel that your clothes don’t reflect who you are, or that you are not confident that you are wearing clothes for your body, your personality, and in a way that makes you feel stylish. 

Do you find yourself wondering “what is personal style” and dreaming of discovering your own? 




Doesn’t matter you are going to work , going to the gym, or attending an old friend’s wedding, the clothes you wear should be a representation of yourself. They should give you joy and confidence, not make you feel  overwhelmed or frustrated!

Personal style is none of these things:

  • Copying outfits you see on social media (influencer..)
  • Shopping constantly (looking for all the latest trends)
  • Knowing your  “palette” or body type
  • A result you can get from a quiz like “casual” or “classic”
  • Something some people are born with (and others are not)

Understanding your personal style will positively impact your life in so many ways! 

It’s not just about clothes.

– Here are six ways that knowing your personal style can transform your life:

-It makes shopping so much easier.

-You’ll save money !

-When you feel good, you look good (and when you look good, you feel good)

-You’ll be more present in your life, you have the power to choose what to wear.

-It can help you let go of societal pressures and beauty standards

-It will help you to say goodbye to fast fashion.

Together we will figure out what you like, what makes you feel comfortable.

Personal style is also a very powerful means of non-verbal communication to express ourselves, how we feel and who we want to be.

We will work with images, figure out how to adapt your clothes to your daily needs and who you are and what you want to communicate with your style.

What consist of:

-Introductory questionnaire

-Identifying our preferences, style, and goals through images

-Using our clothing collection, we curate a selection, discuss each item, and identify your preferences and feelings, turning your creative journey into a deep understanding of your personality.

-We create outfits and draw inspiration from them.

-You will have one month of access to my advice and online support

The session lasts about 2h.

Before our in-person session I will ask you to work together on an introductory moodboard.

Once you book your session you will receive an email from me and we will choose together the day and time of our meeting plus you will receive all the info about our session.

Do you have any other questions ?

Write to me and I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible:

– You can have a partial refund (20% is the deposit and is NOT refundable) only if you cancel at least one week in advance, you can change the day up to 48 hours in advance if you need, you can change the date one time .