Styling Party




Styling Party

Looking for an original idea that will leave your guests speechless ?!

Styling party is your answer.
3H £30 per person (min 3 ppl)
Get your friends or family together, share a bottle of booze and some laughs and pick up some
really useful fashion tips. Otherwise, a style party is a perfect idea for a hen party or a themed
birthday party or wedding. Whatever the reason, it’s a great excuse to get dressed up and get

What does a styling party include?

– SOS Body Shape, I will explain each body shape, give you the tools to understand yours and
also advice on what to wear for each body shape ( I bring a fun rail full of clothes with me!)
– Taste of Color Analysis, each person can pick three different colors (plus metallics) and we will
start a color analysis.
Jewelry, make up and hair advice.
Explanation of each season and some curiosity.
(It won’t be 100% accurate as usually for a full color analysis you can take up to two hours)
– Face shape Analysis
– A talk about Personal Style and how to find yours
– A talk about Identity and the Lost of it.
– Bring along some garments that you struggle to wear or are unsure of and we will find a way to
bring them back to life.
– Introduction to wardrobe edit : How to have an effective wardrobe.
– Time for questions
* Things can slightly change because the party is structured respecting your needs and ideas and
how many people will come, happy to be flexible on realistic requests.*
ALL GENDERS WELCOME – I just need to know them so I can make the event as inclusive as

How much?

£30 each person 3H (min 3 ppl max 10 ppl)
If you have more than 10 ppl, we can still do it but it will take more hours, price stays the same.
We just need to be informed- Contact us at


Anywhere you want, based in Scotland
(If the place is very far from Edinburgh, there will be additional costs)
No place to hold a styling party?
We can host one with your guests – contact us to find out how it works.
Contact us at

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