Additional hours are priced £60 per hour.

“Fashion has always been my tool to communicate to others who I am, how I feel and what I want to share.

My goal is to see people happy, to look in the mirror and think that they are incredibly beautiful and themselves and at the same time choose to follow a more sustainable lifestyle in order to respect our planet, people and animals”  – Elena

Do you get up every day and look at your wardrobe without knowing what to wear? The good news is that it is not just you! Many people have problems with their wardrobe.

Having an organised wardrobe that suits you will help you have a better relationship with your clothes and make them last longer, improve your creativity and make it much easier to create outfits.

The idea of an image makeover essentially starts with a wardrobe makeover. If you would like to avail yourself of the services of a wardrobe stylist and a wardrobe makeover, Elena is always delighted to help you.  Elena offers personal shopping and wardrobe makeovers according to the client’s personal needs. 

Don’t waste your money and time trying to follow all the new trends that arrive fresh every week in fast fashion stores, love what you have and buy only what you need and of the best quality.

Find your unique style, find your confidence and start to discover a new part of yourself.

“I’m so ready to start this new chapter of your life by your side! “


The  Bespoke Wardrobe Makeover includes (this may change slightly compared to the amount of work is needed and how many hours are available):

– Body shape assessment and personal style assessment included

-Review and edit your clothes, shoes, accessories to identify gaps in your wardrobe while culling outdated pieces.

-Your clothes will be put into two piles : Yes and No

NO: Depop/Resell or Donate/Swap

YES:Keep and Style or Rework/Upcycle

-List of key items that are missing in your wardrobe.

-List of ways to keep your clothes last longer and how to wash them in the best respect to the environment.

-List of Sustainable Brands and Shops.

-List of Documentaries and Books (about fast fashion, sustainability , ethical fashion and more)

-Guidance of colour, styles that flatter you and make you feel beautiful and confident.

-Start creating outfits and photographing them.

-Create a Vision Moodboard together.

Usually it takes 3h (but it can be more, the choice will be yours respect to your needs)

Each additional hour is £60


How to book?

Pay through the website and send an email on : yellowsoulsstyling@gmail.com to organise the call.

During the call you  will agree the date and the time for the home visit, you will speak about your needs and goals.

-You can have a partial refund(20% is the deposit and is NOT refundable) only if you cancel at least one week in advance, you can change the day up to 48 hours in advance if you need, you can change the date one time.

If you need to reschedule please send us an email at least 48h before the appointment, You can change the appointment just one time.

About Elena:

Elena is an Italian Fashion Designer and Stylist with 11 year of experience in fashion.

Graduated in Fashion Design at Marangoni Institute – Milan,Italy

Vintage Collector since she was 13 yo.

She has worked with several fashion brands.

Opened Yellow Souls in November 2021 in Edinburgh.

Specialised in ethical and sustainable fashion, bridal styling and man styling.

Her approach to work is friendly, funny and kind.

Want to know more?

Ask all the questions you need!

Photos by photographer @martone.fashionphotography and leadmetotravel